Escrow Accounting

Escrow Accounting
June 13, 2017 0 By QuickBooks Proadvisor Certified

What is Escrow Accounting Software used for?

Management of finance is a tricky topic especially when there is more than one party involved. Either one has to follow cumbersome processes and procedures to complete such transactions or one needs the services of a professional to take care of their financial matters. In both circumstances, the parties involved in the actual transaction lose track of their own proceedings. Also, often money has to be paid in advance for a job that may or may not get completed.

Accounting rules and regulations are made to ensure that such transactions are secure. More and more software are being developed to help in keeping a tab on financial transactions. Escrow accounting software is also one such software. This software holds funds for people involved in brokerage business and takes care of funds for other people. Get in touch with QuickBooks Support Phone Number for more help & information .

Use of Escrow Accounting Software

This software was initially developed by a broker to hold funds on behalf of their clients or other brokers till a particular transaction was completed or terminated. After its initial use, it was adapted for many other purposes as well like mortgage payments or property transfer.

In case of mortgage payments, this software is used to pay mortgages and property taxes. There is no need to personally take a payment to insurance company. The borrower sends their payments to this account and the insurance company withdraws it from this account.

Buyers purchase property through escrow accounts. Just like the transaction in portals like eBay that use escrow accounts, both personal and business property transactions can be made by using escrow accounts and this is where the software comes handy. In certain countries, cash is held by this software as a pre-determined deposit that is saved till the end of the transaction. Running offices in multiple locations than connect QuickBooks Enterprise Contact Number to know how to manage accounting such a big business .

In judicial matters, an escrow account is assigned by the court to the defaulters or the defending parties. The defendants then transfer money into this accounts which is then distributed to the claimant or to multiple parties in case of multiple claims as per the proportion decided by the court.

ATMs of Automated Teller Machines are the most popular versions of this form of accounting. The software enables the banks to fund ATMs and hold money for the clients who can with these funds as and when required. Deposit of money to this escrow account through an ATM is also possible.

These are the multiple uses of the escrow accounting software, the ATM, being the most popular one.