QuickBooks POS Error 00008

QuickBooks POS Error 00008
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QuickBooks Point Of Sale Native Error 00008

POS Error “invalid size or checksum” usually comes when user trying to uncompress the Archive file either in.ZIP, .RAR, SITX, .7Z, or.GZ or any other format (more than 200 file extension depends upon OS and file format). Due to any transmission or combination issue Archive file format was corrupted or damaged and the user will receive QB Point of Sale Native Error 00008.Some of the cases user getting disk are full warning message with unable to process an POS file.

QuickBooks POS Invalid Size Check Sum

QuickBooks POS Invalid Size Check Sum

QuickBooks POS software system is something that every organization needs to make different functions easier to conduct. However, there are errors that may restrict users from running the same. QuickBooks POS native error 00008 is one such example that occurs during the processing phase of the system. This error arises when users try to work with archive files.

As soon as you access the QuickBooks archive tab, you come across error code 00008. There are various methods you can adopt to resolve the issue based on the cause of it. If not, you can connect with ForoeBooks executives on QuickBooks POS Support to solve the problem.

Reason Behind QB Point Of Sale Error Code 00008

The error indicates the corruption of the archive file or the incompatibility of the same with the user’s computer system. The QuickBooks POS system gives rise to this error normally because of the installation of Zip Genius.

It deals with the scanning of whichever file you right-click for compression and also for retrieving other details about the files clicked. In case of archive files, when the Zip Genius is used for compression, it leads to error 00008.

When the error occurs, a dialog box appears with three options – Abort, Retry, and Ignore. No matter which option you choose, none of them will enable you to work with the archive files.

How To Fix 00008 Error QBPOS

As the main problem is with the Zip Genius, the solutions are also associated with the same.
Solution 1: Uninstall Zip Genius

  1. On your keyboard, press Windows key
  2. Type Change or remove a program for Windows 8/10 and Add or remove programs for older Windows versions
  3. Open the result
  4. A list of software installed on the PC appears, click Zip Genius
  5. Select Uninstall from the toolbar present on the top of the list
  6. Follow the instructions that follow in the wizard to remove Zip Genius
  7. Reboot your device if you wish
  8. Download an alternative to Zip Genius like WinZIP/WinRAR, 7-zip, etc.

Solution 2: Update Zip Genius

  1. Browse to Zip Genius download center as soon as you’re notified to update your current version
  2. Download the latest version
  3. Uninstall the previous version (Refer to Method 1)
  4. Go to Downloads folder
  5. Double-click the Zip Genius setup
  6. Follow the instructions from the wizard
  7. Your new version of Zip Genius gets installed

In case you still have an issue in solving the problem, you can connect with ForoeBooks technical team of experts for further assistance.

Support For QBPOS Error 00008 Troubleshooting Windows 10,8,7

The resolution to be opted to resolve QuickBooks POS native error 00008 depends on the version of Windows that you use. The steps differ for the different version of the operating system. Hence, you must take into consideration the Windows version prior to choosing the steps for solving the error code.

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