QuickBooks Maintenance Release Error 15215

QuickBooks Maintenance Release Error 15215
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All About QuickBooks Maintenance Release Error 15215

Due to misconfiguration of Microsoft IT user sometimes receives 15215 Error QuickBooks while trying to download or Install latest QB update from server and Update not successful . More information get help from

Causes of 15215 QuickBooks Error

QuickBooks Error 15215 occurs due to a problem with a background application during maintenance release or payroll update download. The application might need a lot of bandwidth, which prevents QuickBooks from connecting to the server. The error might also occur if firewall settings block QuickBooks Desktop Payroll from connecting to the update server. The error shows the following:

‘Unable to verify digital signature.’

How To Fix QuickBooks 15215 Error Code


Restart Computer

This can force an application that’s blocking QuickBooks Desktop Payroll to close or reset settings to clear a blocked connection. If rebooting the computer fixes the issue, but error 15215 recurs, users must check the programs running on the computer that might cause the error and take the steps mentioned below.

Run QuickBooks as Windows Admin

  • This prioritises QuickBooks over many other programs in Windows. It also instructs Windows to let QuickBooks use all the resources necessary to function correctly.
  • Users must close QuickBooks, right-click on the QuickBooks icon the desktop, and then choose ‘Run as administrator’. If the prompt ‘Do you want to allow this program to make changes to your computer?’, users must choose ‘Yes’.

Verify ‘Use TLS’ Options in Internet Explorer

  • Users must close QuickBooks Desktop, open Internet Explorer and select ‘Tools’-> ‘Internet options’. Then, select the ‘Advanced’ tab. Next, in ‘Settings’, find the ‘Use TLS 1.0’, ‘Use TLS 1.1’and ‘Use TLS 1.2’ (These options might not be found in certain Internet Explorer versions.)
  • Next, users must verify that ‘Use TLS 1.0’has been checked. Then, it must be verified that  ‘Use TLS 1.1’ and ‘Use TLS 1.2’ are not
  • When this is done, users must close the window and exit Internet Explorer. Next, the computer must be rebooted, and QuickBooks Desktop reopened. Then, users must try the process again.

Restart Windows in Selective Startup Mode

  • If the error reoccurs, users must check applications/programs, such as the CA Security Center, which might be interfering with QuickBooks.
  • First, users must close QuickBooks and then select ‘Run’ on the computer:
  • In Windows XP, select ‘Start’ -> ‘Run’. In Vista and Windows 7, select ‘Start’-> ‘All Programs’-> ‘Run’. In Windows 8 and 10, press the Windows key and then ‘R’.
  • When the ‘Run’ field opens, users must type in ‘msconfig’ and select OK. This will open the ‘System Configuration Utility’. Next, choose ‘Selective Startup’ and uncheck the ‘Load Startup Items’ box and then select Ok to save the changes.
  • Now, users must restart the computer, reopen QuickBooks, and download the current tax table. If the download is successful, users must follow the previous steps to return to the ‘System Configuration Utility’, select the ‘Normal Startup’ box, followed by OK. Next, the computer must be rebooted.
  • The above procedure ensures that the system operates in a normal environment. If users need to remove items permanently, they should go to the Microsoft website and look up ‘Windows clean boot’.
  • If the update can be downloaded by clearing Startup items, it means that one or more programs in the Startup items are blocking QuickBooks update.

In case these steps don’t fix the problem, users might have to configure Internet security, firewall or parental control settings.

Technical Support For 15215 QuickBooks Pro, Premier , Enterprise Error

The procedure mentioned here should be enough to fix the error. But if this isn’t enough or users need further help, they should call our QuickBooks tech Support Number at this toll-free number for expert guidance.