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QuickBooks Answers
June 14, 2017 0 By QuickBooks Proadvisor Certified

How To Get Answers My QuickBooks Questions

QuickBooks Advanced Certified Pro-Advisor and certified accountant (CPA, CMA), ForoeBooks , will respond to your question, usually within 24 hours.

QuickBooks Answers is a small business, with one researcher, who is the owner and only employee.

The QuickBooks Advanced Certified Pro-Advisor has good writing communication skills to effectively communicate an answer to your question.

Here are some of the types of QuickBooks-related questions that can be answered:

  • Questions about setting up QuickBooks
  • Questions about QuickBooks inventory, accounts receivable,
  • accounts payable, sales orders, purchase orders, and other procedures
  • Questions about QuickBooks chart of accounts and other lists
  • Questions about QuickBooks reports
  • Questions about general journal entries in QuickBooks
  • Questions about QuickBooks sales tax feature
  • Questions about QuickBooks Point of Sale use and its financial exchange
  • with QuickBooks

To submit a question, click on the “Submit Your Question Here” link on the QuickBooks Answers front page, and send the question by email to QuickBooks Answers. Or You can call direct QuickBooks Support Number for instant help call now Toll Free

Once your question is received, you will receive a reply on the price that will be charged for the answer.

The price is based on the time expected to obtain the best answer.

If the price is acceptable to you, you then must pay this amount using PayPal, before the answer will be provided. Once payment is verified by QuickBooks Answers, work will continue on your question and an answer will be provided, usually within 24 hours.

The answer will be emailed to you.

If you are not satisfied with the answer, a refund will be provided.

Questions must be on QuickBooks-related topics.

Questions are not answered that request:

  • Information about individuals
  • Provide assistance in conducting illegal activities
  • Answers to homework or exam questions
  • Frivolous and improper information

Include any background related to the question that might assist QuickBooks Answers in finding the correct answer, and reduce the time needed to find an answer.

Be as specific as possible on the answer wanted. Identify what will not be a good answer.

Continue to clarify your question with QuickBooks Answers even as the answer is being sought, if clarification comments come to mind.

Submitting a question indicates you agree to QuickBooks Answers “Terms of Service”. You can read the “Terms of Service” by going to QuickBooks Answers home page and clicking “Terms of Service”.

QuickBooks Answers reserves the right to not respond to a submitted question. Even you can get in touch with QuickBooks Payroll Contact Number for detail information .

QuickBooks Answers reserves the right to withdraw from any project, at any time, and to refund payments made on the project.

Once you decide to accept the QuickBooks Answers offered price to provide you an answer, you must then pay this price before an answer is provided.

To pay the offered price, you must use the PayPal system. To use the PayPal system, begin by clicking on the PayPal “Click Here To Pay” button on the QuickBooks Answers home page.

Enter the price given you by QuickBooks Answers in the “unit price” box, and click “update totals”.

Log in to your PayPal account if you are using your PayPal account for payment. Or, provide the requested information to pay by credit card.

QuickBooks Answers will notify you by email once verification of your payment is received from PayPal.

Once the payment process is completed, you should be returned to the QuickBooks Answers home page.

After verification of your payment, QuickBooks Answers will continue work on your question, and provide you an answer, usually within 24 hours.

1. You will make only proper and legal use of the answers and service provided.
2. You will not resell, or make public, any answers and comments provided to you.
3. You understand that answers, comments, and services provided are not a substitute for
informed professional tax, business, accounting, or other professional advice.
4. You understand that the questions and answers received do not form the basis of a
professional-client relationship.
5. Your identity and the questions you submit will not be published on the QuickBooks
Answers website, or anywhere else, or made public in any way.
6. You will use the PayPal system as the procedure for payment
7. Your requests for refunds will be honored.
8. QuickBooks Answers maintains the right to not respond to your questions.
9. QuickBooks Answers maintains the right to, at any time, and for any reason, terminate
any business relationship that it has with you.
10. Although QuickBooks Answers objective is to provide correct answers, there is no
certainty, or warranty, that the answers, comments, and information provided to you is
correct, accurate, complete, reliable, or otherwise valid.
11. QuickBooks Answers does not endorse or recommend any product, manufacturer,
distributor, service, or service provider mentioned in any questions, comments, or answers.
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14. In no instance is there a partner, joint venture, agent, employee, or employer
relationship between you and QuickBooks Answers.